19 May 2013

Been diagnosed with Asperger's

On 13 May 2013 I was diagnosed with Asperger syndrome, an autism spectrum disorder. The diagnosis was done at a university clinic and by a doctor specializing in autism in adults that weren't diagnosed as children (because Asperger's wasn't known as well back then).

I decided to make this information public, just as I've always been open about being gay.

Asperger's, in my case, means that I have little empathy and cannot make emotional connections with other people. It seems I am only able to make connections by way of intellectual stimuli, and few people are able to provide those (my IQ was measured at 145 during the Asperger's assessment).

In most situations I am brutally honest, but as someone living with Asperger's one also learns to lie in order to cover up one's shortcomings and appear "normal".

People who have found me strange or weird, arrogant or aloof in the past may find this illuminating. I know I did. I am sorry if because of Asperger's I hurt someone in ways that I still don't understand. I never set out to hurt anyone on purpose, but survival is hard if one has no social net to fall back on.

The fact that I have no friends, and no one to defend me, always attracted bullies. Asperger's meant that I couldn't protect myself either.

While throughout my life I went to extreme lengths, and way out of my autistic comfort zone, trying to live up to my own and other people's expectations, I admittedly could not but fall short. I could not be more sociable, I could not be more flexible, I needed time and space to myself to recharge, and so on.

There is plenty of information about Asperger's online, but if you're really interested, just ask.

19 November 2011

CFP: Occupy Philosophy: Dialogue and Reflection on Economic Inequality, Capitalism, and Democracy

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CFP: Occupy Philosophy: Dialogue and Reflection on Economic Inequality, Capitalism, and Democracy in America

A call for papers for the 13th Annual Graduate Philosophy Conference at Michigan State University:

"Occupy Philosophy:
Dialogue and Reflection on Economic Inequality, Capitalism, and Democracy in America

"February 10-11, 2012

"In light of recent events illuminating ongoing critiques of how wealth and resources are distributed in America, it is timely to interrogate the ethical, conceptual and methodological issues arising when capitalism and other political economic systems are evaluated. This conference is primarily concerned with the ways that philosophy can mediate discussions of economic power, human welfare, institutional justice, and the cost-benefit analyses that inform economic choices.

"Submission Guidelines:
We invite submissions of papers by graduate students. We welcome papers that broadly address issues in social and political philosophy; preference will be given to original contributions that incorporate discussions of the recent 'Occupation movement' and related events. Presentations should not exceed 30 minutes in length, and will be followed by a short commentary and moderated question and answer sessions. Submission deadline is January 6, 2012. Please submit abstract in addition to a paper suitable for blind review at philconf@msu.edu.

"Featured Speakers:
Featured Faculty:
John H. McClendon III, Professor of Philosophy at MSU

Jason Read, Associate Professor of Philosophy at the University of Southern Maine

"Further Information:
For additional information about this conference, including registration information, accommodations and the conference itinerary, visit the conference web site: www.msu.edu/~philconf/."

The conference website has not yet been updated.

05 October 2011

Books: Political Thought of Muslim Thinkers (in Persian)

Books: Political Thought of Muslim Thinkers (in Persian)

I've been asked to announce the publication, in Persian, of the 19 volumes of "Political Thought of Muslim Thinkers" (publisher's translation), edited by Aliakbar Alikhani (University of Tehran), by the press of the Institute for Social and Cultural Studies at the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology in Tehran.

The link below is to the Institute's website on which you may be able to find further information if you speak the language. Alternatively, please contact me and I will gladly put you in touch with the editor.

Here's a brief introduction in English: "A close study of various historical periods and theoretical, as well as scientific developments in the Islamic lands proves that Muslim thinkers have offered important thoughts and ideas in various areas of science. The emphasis put by Islam on the importance of knowledge caused Muslim scientists to produce science and develop its various fields, which gradually turned into a powerful current in social life and civilizational relations of the Muslim world. The high number of scholars, emergence of various theoretical and ideological schools, the production of numerous works in different spheres of politics, society and religion and other cultural and social developments in the Muslim world are clear signs of Muslim thinkers' concern with development in this field. Enthusiasm shown by Muslim thinkers to expound various political concepts and the impact of political events of early centuries after the advent of Islam led to the production of various political ideas, thoughts, and texts throughout the history of Islam.

"A research plan entitled 'Political Thought of Muslim Thinkers' is underway by the Institute for Social and Cultural Studies which examines and reviews this important current in history of the Islamic thought. It took more than four years before the Institute for Social and Cultural Studies could implement this research whose main goals were to provide information on political views of Muslim scientists, which can help us to better understand the role of science and thought in the Islamic civilization and culture and pave the way for more painstaking studies. Political scientists, scholars and researchers knew about less than 50 political thinkers before this research. The research started by studying the political ideas of more than 600 thinkers who had written books on politics, but finally, 280 thinkers were thoroughly studied and their biographies and political ideas were introduced in 19 volumes.

"Dr. Ali Akbar Alikhani provided the initial idea of the project and was later in charge of scientific management and editing of the content of the study. He was also responsible for all phases of the research. The foreword which has been written by him and comes at the beginning of all volumes contains important points in 13 paragraphs which are answers to possible questions. He has also written a detailed introduction entitled 'Introduction to Political Thought of Muslim Thinkers: A Few Notes' which has been added to the first volume. There, he provides in-depth insight into political thought of the Muslim world and sheds more light on important issues in this area of knowledge. Arrangement of thinkers in 19 volumes is based on their birthdates. The first thinker in the first volume is Abdolhamid Kateb who lived in 7th century AD. The last thinker to be mentioned is Tariq Ramezan who was born in 1962. Table of contents of the 19 volumes and names of their authors are as follows:

"Volume 1
Political Thought of Muslim Thinkers; Raising Some Questions/ Dr. Ali Akbar Alikhani
Abd al-Hamid ibn Yahya al-Katib/ Dr. Mohammad Salar Kasraee
Abu-Hanifa / Rostam Fallah and Dr. Ali-Akbar Alikhani
Imam Malik ibn Anas / Dr. Ahmad Pakatchi
Ibn-al-Muqaffa (Abu-Muhammad Abd-Allah Ruzbeh ibn Daduya)/ Dr. Ali Akbar Kamali Ardakani
Abu Yusuf Qadi / Dr. Ali Mohammad Salehi
Imam Shafi’i/ Dr. Ahmad Pakatchi
Abu 'Uthman 'Amr al-JAHIZ / Dr. Ali Akbar Alikhani and Dr. Mohammad Ali Abdollahzadeh
Ahmad ibn Hanbal/ Dr. Ahmad Pakatchi
Ikhwan al-Safa/Dr. Ali Fereidouni
Abu Ja'far Muhammad ibn Jarir al-Tabari / Dr. Reza Shirzadi
Muhammad ibn Zakariya al-Razi/ Dr. Morteza Bahrani
Abu Naṣr al-Farabi / Dr. Mohsen Mohajer-Nia
Abu al-Hasan al-Ash'ari / Dr. Ali Akbar Alikhani and Rostam Fallah
Abu al-Hasan al-Mas'udi / Dr. Morteza Yousefi-Rad

"Volume 2
Abu al-Hassan al-'Amiri / Dr. Ali Fereidouni
Ibn Babvayh/ Dr. Ahmad Pakatchi
Abu 'Ali Ahmad Ibn Miskawayh/ Dr. Mohsen Mohajer-Nia
Ferdowsi/ Dr. Taqi Rostamvandi
Al-Shaykh Al-Mufid/ Dr. Ali Khaleqi
Sayyid al-Murtadha / Dr. Mahmoud Shafiee
Abu Rayḥan al-Biruni/ Gholam-Hossein Moqimi
Abul ‘Ala Al-Ma’arri/ Dr. Morteza Bahrani
Alī ibn Muḥammad Mawardi/ Dr. Hatam Qaderi
Ibn Sina (Avecina)/ Dr. Hamid Nassaj
Abu al-Salah Halabi / Dr. Ali Khaleqi
Qadi Abu Ya'la/ Dr. Mohammad Hossein Jamshidi
Ibn Hazm/ Dr. Gholam-Hossein Zargari-Nejad
Shaykh Tusi/ Sayyed Mohammad Reza Mousavian
Abul-Fazl Bayhaqi/ Roya Mohammadi Porfekr

"Volume 3
Naser Khosrow/ Shervin Moqimi
Nizam al-Mulk/ Dr. Sayyed Javad Tabatabaie
Onsor al-Maali/ Dr. Asghar Eftekhari
Abu Hamid Mohammad al-Ghazzali / Dr. Hatam Qaderi
Allameh Tabarsi / Dr. Mohammad Akram Arefi
Sana'i Ghaznavi / Dr. Mohammad Hossein Jamshidi
Ibn Bajja (Avempace)/ Dr. Morteza Bahrani
Ibn Tofail (Abubacer)/ Dr. Ahmad Bani-Jamali
Ibn Rushd (Averroës)/ Mohammad Salman
Fakhr-I Muddabir/ Dr. Mansour Mir-Ahmadi
Allamah Muhammad Ibn IDr.is Hilli' / Dr. Ali Khaleqi
Fakhr al-Din al-Razi / Dr. Ali Akbar Alikhani
Shahab al-Din Suhrawardi / Dr. Taqi Rostamvandi
Afzaluddin Kashani/ Dr. Ahmad Bostani
Sadiduddin Muhammad Aufi / Dr. Reza Shirzadi

"Volume 4
Najm al-din Razi / Dr. Reza Shirzadi
Khajeh Nasir Toosi/ Dr. Morteza Yousefi-Rad
Mohaqiq Helli/ Rohollah Shariati
Mowlavi (Jalal ad-Din Muhammad Rumi)/ Dr. Mohammad Hossein Jamshidi
Saadi/ Dr. Sayyed Javad Tabatabaie
Ibn Haddad/ Dr. Mansour Mirahmadi
Ata Malik Juvaini/ Rostam Fallah and Dr. Ali Akbar Alikhani
Qutbuddin Shirazi/ Dr. Morteza Yousefi-Rad
Ibn Jama'a/ Sayyed Javad Mirkhalili
Rashid al-Din Fazlullah Hamadani/ Dr. Morteza Bahrani
Allama Helli/ Mohammad Kheradmand
Ibn al-Taqtaqi/ Dr. Hatam Qaderi
Ibn Taymiyyah/ Dr. Ali Akbar Alikhani
Naserudin Monshi Kermani/ Dr. Mohammad Ali Qassemi
Fakhr-ul Mohaqeqin/ Sayyed Mohammad Reza Mousavian

"Volume 5
Obeid Zakani/ Dr. Morteza Bahrani
Ibn Qayyim Al-Jawziyya/ Dr. Ali Akbar Alikhani and Rostam Fallah
Qutbuddin Razi/ Dr. Morteza Yousefi-Rad
Mir Sayyed Ali Hamadani/ Dr. Mohammad Salar Kasraee
Seyyed Heydar Amuli/ Rostam Fallah and Dr. Ali Akbar Alikhani
Al-Shatibi/ Dr. Mansour Mir-Ahmadi
Hafiz/ Dr. Mohammad Hossein Jamshidi
Ibn Khaldoun/ Dr. Ahmad Bani-Jamali
Mohammad Ibn Jamal al-din Makki 'Ameli (Shahid-e Avval) / Sayyed Mohammad Reza Mousavian
Fazel Meqdad/ Sayyed Mohammad Reza Mousavian
Ahmad al-Qalqashandi/ Dr. Gholam-Hossein Zargari-Nejad
Ali Davani/ Dr. Morteza Yousefi-Rad
Abu Abd-Allah Ibn al-Azraq / Dr. Sayyed Javad Tabatabaie
Vaez Kashefi/ Dr. Reza Shirzadi
Jalaluddin Al-Suyuti/ Dr. Ali Akbar Alikhani

"Volume 6
Roozbehan-e Khonji/ Dr. Sayyed Javad Tabatabaie
Ghiyas al-Din Mansour Dashtaki/ Dr. Ahmad Bostani
Mohaqiq Karaki / Dr. Sayyed Mohammad Ali Hosseinizadeh
Zayn al-Din al-Juba'i al'Amili (Shahid Thani) / Sayyed Mohammad Reza Mousavian
Mohaqiq Ardabili / Dr. Ali Khaleqi
Mustafa Ali Coulibaly / Dr. Mohammad Ali Qassemi
Sheikh Bahai/ Abulfazl Soltan-Mohammadi
Mirdamad/ Dr. Najaf Lakzaee
Mir Fendereski/ Dr. Najaf Lakzaee
Mulla SaDr.a/ Dr. Najaf Lakzaee
Alinaghi Komrehee/ Dr. Ali Khaleqi
Feiz Kashani/ Dr. Ali Khaleqi
Mohaqiq Khansari/ Hossein Abulfazli
Mohaqiq Sabzevari/ Dr. Najaf Lakzaee
Sheikh Horre Ameli / Dr. Ali Mohammad Salehi

"Volume 7
Molla Mohammad Baqir Majlesi/Abulfazl Soltanmohammadi
Nematollah Jazayeri/Dr. Mohammad Akram Arefi
Fazel Hendi/Dr. Ali Khaleqi
Qotb al-Din Neyrizi Shirazi/Dr. Mansoor Mirahmadi
Allama Yusuf al-Bahrani/Ruhollah Shariati
Jamal al-Din Muhammad Khansari/Abulfazl Soltanmohammadi
Shah Wali Allah Dehlavi/Rostam Fallah & Dr. Aliakbar Alikhani
Sheikh Muhammad Ibn Abd-al-Wahhab/Dr. Aliakbar Alikhani
Mohammad Baghir Vahid Behbahani/Abulfazl Soltanmohammadi
Mohammad Bayram al-Tunsi al-Aval/Dr. Mansoor Mirahmadi
Mohammad Ali kermanshahi/Dr. Gholamhossein Zargarinejad
Molla Mehdi Naraqi/Dr. Mohammad Akram Arefi
Mirzaye Qomi/Dr. Gholamhossein Zargarinejad
Aqa Mohammad Bidabadi/Mahmoud Haqiqi
Sayyed Mohammad Baqir Shafti/Dr. Gholamhossein Zargarinejad

"Volume 8
Mohammad Sadiq Marvzi/Dr. Mohammad Salar Kasraee
Mulla Ahmad Naraqi/Dr. Sayyed Sajjad Izdehi
Sayyed Jafar Kashfi /Abdolvahab Forati
Ghaem Magham Farahani/Dr. Sayyed Javad Tabatabai
Sheikh Mohammad Hassan Najafi (Saheb Javaher)/Dr. Sayyed Sajjad Izdehi
Abotaleb Behbahani/Dr. Gholamhossein Zargarinejad
Hajj Molla Hadi Sabzevari/Dr. Sayyed Javad Tabatabai
Sheikh Mortaza Ansari/Dr. Mohsen Mohajernia
Rifa'a al-Tahtawi/Dr. Aliakbar Alikhani
Ibn Abi Dhayyaf/Dr. Sattar Owdi & Asghar Sadeghi Yekta
Ahmad Faris Shidyaq/Asghar Sadeghi Yekta
Mulla Ali Kani/Dr. Aliakbar Alikhani & Sayyed Ali Fatemi
Amir Kabir/Dr. Aliakbar Alikhani
Majd al-Mulk Sinaki/Dr. Masoud Ariaeenia
Mirza Fath Ali Akhundzadeh/Dr. Masoud Ariaeenia

"Volume 9
Mirzaye Shirazi Awal/Hossein Hatami
Sir Sayyed Ahmed Khan Hindi/Dr. Mohammad Salar Kasraee
Khair al-Din Pasha al-Tunisi/Asghar Sadeghi Yekta
Ali Pasha Mubarak/Asghar Sadeghi Yekta
Mostashar al-Dawla/Dr. Sayyed Javad Tabatabai
Sayyed Mohammad Kazem Yazdi/Ruhollah Shariati
Mirza Malkum Khan/Dr. Masoud Ariaeenia
Sheikh Hadi Najmabadi/Dr. Aliakbar Alikhani & Sayyed Ali Fatemi
Abd al-Rahim Talebof Tabrizi/Dr. Naser Jamalzadeh
Nizam al Ulama Tabrizi/Dr. Gholamhossein Zargarinejad
Mirza Mohammad Ali Hajj Sayyah/Dr. Reza Shirzadi
Asadollah Shahrkhasti/Dr. Gholamhossein Zargarinejad
Jamal-ad-Din Asadabadi (al-Afghani)/Dr. Maghsood Ranjbar
Zayn al-Din Maraghehee/Dr. Masoud Ariaeenia
Mohammad Kazem Akhund Khorasani/Hossein Hatami

"Volume 10
Sheikh Abdollah Mazandarani/Towhid Moharrami
Sayyed Abdollah Behbahani/Dr. Bahram Nasrollahizadeh
Sayyed Mohammad Tabatabaei/Dr. Bahram Nasrollahizadeh
Sheikh Fazlollah Noori/Dr. Musa Najafi
Mirza Ali Khan Amin al-Dowleh/Dr. Sayyed Javad Tabatabai
Abdullah al-Nadim/Mohammad Maleki
Mohammad Hossein Tabrizi/Dr. Mohammad Salar Kasraee
Abolhassan Najafi Marandi/Dr. Mohammad Salar Kasraee
Sayyed Abdolhossein Lari/Dr. Sayyed Javad Tabatabai
Sayed Amir Ali Hindi/Dr. Ali Asghar Halabi
Mohammad Abduh/Dr. Morteza Bahrani
Sheik Mohammad Esmaeil Mahallati/Dr. Mohammad Pezeshki
Mirza Aqa Khan Kermani/Dr. Aliakbar Alikhani
Abd al-Rahman al-Kawakibi/Dr. Sayyd Ali Mahmoudi
Saad Zaghloul/Asghar Sadeghi Yekta

"Volume 11
Emad al-Ulama Khalkhali/Dr. Sayyed Khodayar Mortazavi
Saqat-ol-Islam Tabrizi/Asghar Sadeghi Yekta
Mirza Mohammad Hossein Naini/Dr. Mohammad Mansoornejad
Nourollah Esfahani/Dr. Taghi Soufi Niaraki
Qasim Amin/Dr. Morteza Bahrani
Nazem al-Islam Kermani/Dr. Reza Shirzadi
Molla Abd al-Rasul Madani Kashani/Mahmoud Haghighi
Sayyed Rasheed Radha/Ali Golmohammadi
Sayyed Abolhassan Esfahani/Dr. Bahram Nasrollahizadeh & Ebrahim Jamshidi
Shakib Arslan/Mohammad Maleki & Menar Ebrahimi
Sayyed Ashraf al-Din Gilani/Sayyed Reza Hosseini & Sayyed Ali Fatemi
Sayyed Hassan Modarres/Reza Isania
Ahmed Lutfi al-Sayyed/Dr. Morteza Bahrani
Mustafa Kamel/Mohammad Maleki
Abdul Aziz al-Saalabi/Asghar Sadeghi Yekta

"Volume 12
Sayyed Hossein Boroujerdi/Dr. Sayyed Mohammadreza Ahmadi Tabatabai
Mohammad Ali Shah-Abadi/Dr. Aliakbar Alikhani
Badi' al-Zaman Noursi/Dr. Aliakbar Alikhani
Allama Mohammad Iqbal/Dr. Aliakbar Alikhani
Mohammad Farid Wajdi/Dr. Sattar Owdi & Mohammad Maleki
Hassan Taghizadeh/Dr. Reza Shirzadi
Mojtahed Tabrizi/Dr. Ahmad Rahdar
Hoda Shaarawi/Asghar Sadeghi Yekta
Sati al-Husari/Abdolghader Savari & Asghar Sadeghi Yekta
Sheikh Reza Dehkharghani/Dr. Mohammad Salar Kasraee
Abd al-Rahman Shahbandar/Mohammad Maleki & Menar Ebrahimi
Sheikh Mohammad Khiyabani/Mohammad Reza Sayyad & Sayyed Ali Fatemi
Allameh Ali Akbar Dehkhoda/Dr. Mahdi Rezaee, Dr. Mohammad Hossein Jamshidi & Sayyed Ali Fatemi
Tajalli Sabzevari/Ebrahim Jamshidi
Mohammad Amin Rasoulzadeh/Dr. Reza Shirzadi

"Volume 13
Abd al-Karim Zanjani/Yousuf Khan Mohammadi
Mirza Mohammad Farrokhi Yazdi/Dr. Mohammad Hossein Jamshidi
Mustafa Abdel Raziq/Dr. Maryam H. Mahfouz & Asghar Sadeghi Yekta
Ahmad Amin/Dr. Maryam H.Mahfouz & Mohammad Maleki
Malek al-shoara Bahar/Dr. Mohammad Hossein Jamshidi
Ali Abdel Raziq/Dr. Aliakbar Alikhani
Mohamed Hassanein Heikal/Mohammad Maleki & Menar Ebrahimi
Abul Kalam Azad/Dr. Sayyed Qandil Abbas
Sayyed Mohsen Hakim/Sayyed Mohammad Reza Mousavian
Al-Sheikh Mohammad al-Bashir al-Ibrahimi/Mohammad Maleki & Menar Ebrahimi
Abbas Mahmoud al-Aqqad/Asghar Sadeghi Yekta
Abd al-Hamid bin BadisMohammad Maleki & Menar Ebrahimi
Hassan al-Hudaybi/Dr. Morteza Baharni
Sheikh Mahmoud Shaltut/Dr. Mohammad Hossein Jamshidi
Haj Mohammed Effendi Amin al-Hosseini/Mohammad Maleki & Dr. Maryam H. Mahfouz

"Volume 14
Mohammad-Ali Jamalzadeh/Dr. Mohammad Hossein Jamshidi
Mohammed Abu Zahre/Dr. Sattar Owdi
Tahir Al-Haddad/Asghar Sadeghi Yekta & Dr. Sattar Owdi
Ayatollah Al-Khoei/Dr. Mohammad Akram Arefi
Imam Khomeini/Dr. Mohammad Hossein Jamshidi
Al-Mawdudui/Gholamreza Khosravi
Allameh Tabatabai/Dr. Aliakbar Alikhani
Zaki Naguib Mahmoud/Mohammadreza Fartoosi
Malik Ben Nabi/Dr. Aliakbar Alikhani
Mohammed Al-Bahi/Asghar Sadeghi Yekta & Dr. Sattar Owdi
Sayyed Qotb/The late Siroos Soozangar
Hassan Al-Banna/Gholamreza Khosravi
Mohammad Taghi Shariati/Dr. Mohammad Hossein Jamshidi
Sayyed Fakhroddin Shadman/Dr. Aliakbar Alikhani
Mahdi Bazargan/Dr. Gholamreza Khajehsarvi

"Volume 15
Mohammad Hamidullah/Dr. Mohammad Javad Javid
Ahmed Al-Shaqiri /Mohammad Maleki & Dr. Sattar Owdi
Ahmad Fardid/The late Mohammad Madadpour
Allal Al-Fassi/Dr. Aliakbar Alikhani
Ayatollah Mahmoud Taleghani/Dr. Ali Shirkhani
Abul Hassan Nadvi/Dr. Mohammad Hossein Jamshidi
Mohammad Mahmoud Savvaf/Dr. Morteza Bahrani
Mustafa Al-sabaee /Dr. Morteza Bahrani
Mohammad Ahmad Khalafallah/Dr. Sattar Owdi & Houshang Rezaee
Abdul-Rahman Badawi/Asghar Sadeghi Yekta & Dr. Sattar Owdi
Mohammad Ghazzali/Dr. Morteza Bahrani
Tawfiq Al-Shawi/Dr. Mansour Mirahmadi
Sheikh Fazl Al-Rahman/Dr. Maryam H. Mahfouz & Houshang Rezaee
Khalid Mohammad Khalid/Dr. Morteza Bahrani
Morteza Motahhari/Khosrow Qobadi

"Volume 16
Fereidoon Adamiyat /Dr. Mohammad Pezeshki
Mohammad Talebi/Dr. Sattar Owdi & Houshang Rezaee
Mahdi Haeri Yazdi/Dr. Aliakbar Kamali Ardakani
Jalal Al-e-Ahmad/Dr. Sayyed Ali Mahmoudi
Mohammad Nakhshab/Morteza Kazemiyan
Anwar Abdul Malik/Mohammadreza Shakiba & Mohammad Maleki
Mohammad Taghi Jafari/Morteza Yousefirad
Qardawi/Dr. Morteza Bahrani
Hisham Sharabi/Dr. Morteza Bahrani
Fouad Zakaria/Dr. Aliakbar Alikhani
Mohammed Arkoun/Dr. Mohammad Javad Javid
Imam Musa Sadr/Dr. Mahmood Sariolghalam
Sayyed Mohammad Hosseini Beheshti/Dr. Alireza Hosseini Beheshti
Mohammad Sa'id Ramadan Al-Bouti/Dr. Asghar Eftekhari
Mostafa Khomeini/Dr. Mohammadhossein Jamshidi

"Volume 17
Samir Amin/Dr. Reza Shirzadi
Mohammad Al-Emare/Mohammad Maleki & Dr. Sattar Owdi
Mohammad Sa'id Al-Ashmawi/Dr. Hamid Ahmadi
Hamid Enayat/Dr. Mohammad Pezeshki
Reza Davari Ardakani/Dr. Maghsood Ranjbar
Sayyed Hossein Nasr/Dr. Qadir Nasri
Abdullah Al-Aroui/Yousef Azizi Banitorof
Ali Shariati/Dr. Mohammad Hossein Jamshidi
Monir Shafiq/Dr. Sattar Owdi & Mohammad Maleki
Abdollah Javadi-Amoli/Dr. Mohammad Javad Javid
Mohammad Taghi Mesbah Yazdi/Dr. Mohammad Javad Norouzi
Sadik Jalal El Adm/Asghar Sadeghi Yekta & Dr. Sattar Owdi
Tayeb Tizini /Dr. Aliakbar Alikhani
Dariush Shayegan/Dr. Masoud Pedram
Hassan Hanafi/Dr. Aliakbar Alikhani

"Volume 18
Mohammad Bagher Sadr /Dr. Mohammad Hossein Jamshidi
Taha Jabir Al-Alwani/Dr. Mansour Mirahmadi
Mohammad Mahdi Shamseddin/Dr. Aliakbar Kamali Ardakani
Sayyed Mohammad Hussein Fadlollah/Dr. Morteza Bahrani
Hichem Djaït/Mohammadreza Shakiba
Mohammad Mojtahed Shabestari/Dr. Sayyed Khodayar Mortazavi
Adil Zaher/Dr. Fariborz Moharramkhani
Ahmad Sedqi Al-Dajani/Mohammad Maleki & Dr. Sattar Owdi
Mohammad Sharafi/Dr. Maryam H. Mahfouz & Houshang Rezaee
Mohammad Abed Al-Jabri/Mohammad Taqi Karami
Mohammad Shahrour/Dr. Behrouz Yadollahpoor & Houshang Rezaee
Fethullah Gülen/Dr. Asadollah Athari
Mohammad Jabir Al-Ansari /Mohammad Maleki & Dr. Sattar Owdi
Fahmi Jada'an/Asghar Sadeghi Yekta & Dr. Maryam H. Mahfouz
Rashid Al-Ghannushi /Dr. Aliakbar Alikhani & Mohammad Sabir Seddiqi

"Volume 19
Ali Omlil /Dr. Maryam H. Mahfouz & Asghar Sadeghi Yekta
Nasr Hamid Abu Zaid/Dr. Aliakbar Alikhani
Iyad bin Ashur/Dr. Sattar Owdi & Houshang Rezaee
Farag Foda/Dr. Morteza Bahrani
Abdolkarim Soroush/Dr. Sayyed Khodayar Mortazavi
Burhan Ghalyoun/Hossein Abbasi
Aziz Al-Azmeh/Hossein Abbasi
Akbar Ahmed/Dr. Morteza Bahrani
Kamal Abdul-Latif/Dr. Sabri Anoushe & Asghar Sadeghi Yekta
Tariq Ramadan/Dr. Mohammad Javad Javid" (bold removed)

31 August 2011

Article: Homo aspergerus: Evolution stumbles forward

Article: Homo aspergerus: Evolution stumbles forward

A further resource on the solitary being: Gary Westfahl (University of California, Riverside), " Homo aspergerus: Evolution stumbles forward", published on the website of "Locus: The Magazine of the Science Fiction & Fantasy Field" on 6 March 2006.

Excerpt: "I am now prepared to argue that Asperger's Syndrome should not be regarded as a handicap or as a debilitating condition; rather, it is a tremendous asset, a set of beneficial traits that may someday be recognized as the characteristics of a new, and superior, form of humanity. ... In this new era, then, those with a natural inclination to avoid others and the world around them will have an advantage."